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At Dalesdown, our passion is to provide facilities to enable and encourage events which transform lives, relationships and situations. Sometimes we lead the events ourselves. Sometimes we stand back and let others take the lead. But even when we stand back, we continue to pray that Dalesdown will be a place where the space is filled by God’s presence.


Last year we received visits from around 112 separate groups, including Churches, schools and charities from across West Sussex and beyond. The nearly 5,000 guests have been many children, young people and families for whom their visit to Dalesdown has been their only break away from home this year. In total we provided nearly 11,000 bed-nights in our residential accommodation and many more day visitors.


As we look back, we see many examples of God’s faithfulness, as he uses Dalesdown to raise up leaders for His Church, and encourage young and old. We see many examples of transformation and the outpouring of His grace.


As we look forward, we do so in confidence that the money and resources which we need to continue our work will be provided. Of course, most of our guests do pay for their visits, but as a ‘not for profit’ organisation there is always much to be done, and we rely heavily on some wonderful and faithful voluntary support. The truth is we could simply not operate as we do if it were not for the incredible financial support of our many friends and supporters.


To make a payment please contact us.

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